Sports Medicine

The Arizona Sports Medicine Center team of experts can handle whatever sports injury has you sidelined, whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior. From tennis elbow, runner’s knee, and impingements to strains, sprains, fractures, and exercise-induced asthma. Simple injuries to more complex or chronic conditions such as rotator cuff tears, labral tears, torn meniscus, and problems with plantar fasciitis.

We start with a thorough physical examination and, if needed, use the latest in diagnostic tools to determine your problem. Once we have identified the issue or issues, we develop a personalized treatment plan, focusing on the least invasive approach first. Our goal is to relieve pain, correct the problem, and get you back to playing again as soon as possible.

Orthopedic Surgery

From hip impingement to knee injury, shoulder dislocation, problems with the Achilles tendon, and more. Our orthopedic specialists take time to thoroughly evaluate your problem, order appropriate diagnostic tests, and develop a treatment plan that meets your unique needs and goals.

We focus on the least invasive solutions first, including arthroscopic surgery. At Arizona Sports Medicine Center, you receive comprehensive treatment and personal attention for any orthopedic issue you may have.